Details for the annual 4th of July Parades and BBQ

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Details for the annual 4th of July Parades and BBQ

Post by GaryL on Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:50 pm

Parades in Evart and Big Rapids will be the highlight. These are both large and very patriotic and it is a ball to ride our trikes as a club in these parades. We could meet at the Evart Parade at 10 AM (designated parade spot will come later when assigned) After this parade we will trailer our trikes over to Gary and Claudia's farm for an old fashion BBQ with all of the fixin's. Then we trailer into Hemlock Park in Big Rapids for some light riding before forming up for the Big Rapids parade at 6 PM.

Between the BBQ and the two patriotic parades you will definitely feel the spirit of the 4th of July! Most of us attach our US flags and other decorations on our trike. Some even bring some candy to pass out for the kids. I am thinking about ordering some very small US flags to hand out also.


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